Friday, 1 May 2015


It takes a special type of person to consider a career in social work. talk to anyone working in the field and they would tell you that there are more jobs out there that would offer you money, more recognition other than that of a social worker, yet these are the same people who will be the first to tell you that there is a need   for more good social workers to address social problems. Here are five of the many reasons that social work could be a good career for you.

1. Social Work Provides a Way to Connect With Your Community

Friday, 9 January 2015

For the purpose of clarity, this blog is dedicated to promoting and propagating the tenets of the social work profession as it affects man in his relationship and dealings with himself and other members of the society.
So I enjoin visitors to avail themselves of the interesting topics and lessons which this blog and the social work profession has to offer . Thank you for your time. 
Sometime in August 2012, I along with my school mates from lagos walked into the walls of Amadin orphanage Home, Benin city, without the slightest idea of what we were to do, all that was relayed to us was that we were on a SERVICE program. Two months down the lane, as we concluded our program, it was clear to that we were rally going to miss the children. Not specifically because of the company and the relationship, but because we had left an indelible mark in their lives. Our perception about orphaned children and life in general had changed.
Back to the question ‘what is social work’ . looking at this question, I am tempted to give a classroom definition, but I won’t, rather from a personal perspective, social work is an attitude, an act, a process; of effecting positive and sustainable change in the lives of individuals, groups, and societies.
From the explanations thus far, I guess you already have a glimpse of what social work is all about. As you read through subsequent articles on this blog, you would understand clearly what the concept stands for and how it relates significantly to we as individuals and members of a society.

Friday, 21 November 2014



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